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They send out all of these surveys once a year. They beg us to fill them out. And..out of the kindness of our hearts we do it. Or, maybe its the promise that we'll have a chance to win some corny sweepstakes and never have to work again. (Yeah right).

So we answer every imaginable question about the products we use and how often we use them and who uses them...etc...etc...etc. I swear it took me 45 minutes to fill that sucker out.

Ok, fast forward to today. I go online to look at the consumer reports website. I'm in the market for a new vaccuum cleaner and I know that I should be able to expect a pretty good review from a company who is so well known. Only, wait a second...The information that had been solicited from myself and so many others(and freely given, I might add). Is now being offered to me at an affordable introductary rate of 29.95/year. And, for MY conveniece will be renewed automatically. Are you kidding me? What is wrong with this picture?

Product or Service Mentioned: Consumer Reports Website.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1260451

This service is a rip off. Reviews are bogus. Don't get suckered in buying a suscription.

Fairfield, Iowa, United States #970983

I signed up for a year to their online and print magazines. Although I was satisfied with both, I got tired of their aggressive campaign for donations and intro offers to their other magazines.

Once you accept the "free" introductory offer for one month of anything, they set it up to rebill so it's not really free at all.

When I entered my account section online to cancel my subscriptions I found my account summary misleading. Nowhere did it say it was a recurring subscription or would be auto-billed. In fact, it clearly stated that the account was expired and listed the expiration date.

Yet when I clicked further I almost by accident discovered a cancel option to what was a recurring subscription after all. I mean, I got every impression the account had expired and I didn't need to do anything.

The cancellation page is a "Please Don't Leave Us" plea with two options: to cancel with no further access to the site or to cancel and continue accessing the site. What's that about? Is that a trick too?

I think the product is worth it but don't trust Consumer Report with my credit card information.

As soon as I discover that a biller makes cancellations difficult and has gimmicky "free" introductory offers that auto-bill I leave and never return.

Cancelling should be as easy as signing up, and free should mean free.

Besides all the solicitations for donations and intro offers to their other products like "Shop Smart" you can expect 3 or 4 magazines all at once when you subscribe to the print edition. I think this is another gimmick to make refunds more difficult since they can say you've already used several months of your subscription and prorate it down to nothing.

If Consumer Reports rated themselves it would be a failing grade.

Asheville, North Carolina, United States #902195

Consumer Reports is a rip off...Do not sign up for a month on line. Once you do that they just keep charging your credit card.

You would think consumer reports would be there for the customer.

They are not. No refund when I saw the charge on my credit card.


I actually subscribed to consumer reports online... paid the $30 annual fee...

was auto renewed and, when i called to cancel (the day I received the credit card bill), I was told that they will only refund a pro-rated $25.

$5 is no big deal... but what a ripoff. I haven't been to their website since Dec., 2012...

now it's Jan, 2014...

one month past renewal and they charge me for a 'pro-rated' 2 months. :?


I was looking for new luggage. Typed in "luggage" and "reviews" in Google. Up comes an ad: See our rankings on Luggage- subscribe now. Figuring I would get use of it over the course of the year, I paid the $30 subscription fee only to find that, contrary to their Google ad, there was NO review of any kind on luggage.

Within 20 minutes, I was on the the phone to customer service for a refund only to be told I would be refunded $27.00 as my subscription is being pro-rated.

$3.00 for 20 minutes?

After I followed your ad telling me there is a review of luggage that was false?

And while on hold, you had the audacity to ask me for a donation? is a scam dressed as a savior.

Montgomery, Alabama, United States #584926

I just learned that that I signed up for two years ago, kept billing me automatically. I definitely did not sign up for that.

There was never anything useful on the site anyway, and I stopped using it after I attempted to find out information about several products I intended to buy, and sure enough they had nothing about them.

This is a total rip off. You wouldn't expect this from a company that's supposedly there to protect you, the consumer.


This is a bad deal. All other magazines that I subscribe to allow online access at no additional cost. CR implies online access in their print subscription offer, or at the very least abfuscates the access issue.

This is very bad form from an organization that whose charter is to protect consumeres from such practices.

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